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Maximizing the Success Probability of Policy Allocations in Online Systems

Artem Betlei and 5 other authors

ALCAP: Alignment-Augmented Music Captioner | VIDEO

Zihao He and 5 other authors

Random Entity Quantization for Parameter-Efficient Compositional Knowledge Graph Representation | VIDEO

Jiaang Li and 4 other authors

CLEVA: Chinese Language Models EVAluation Platform

Jianqiao Zhao and 10 other authors

Unveiling the Essence of Poetry: Introducing a Comprehensive Dataset and Benchmark for Poem Summarization

Ridwan Mahbub and 5 other authors

Do LLMs Understand Social Knowledge? Evaluating the Sociability of Large Language Models with SocKET Benchmark | VIDEO

Minje Choi and 4 other authors

DelucionQA: Detecting Hallucinations in Domain-specific Question Answering

Mobashir Sadat and 8 other authors

Linguistic Compression in Single-Sentence Human-Written Summaries

Fangcong Yin and 1 other author

Learn Your Tokens: Word-Pooled Tokenization for Language Modeling

Avijit Thawani and 3 other authors

BYOC: Personalized Few-Shot Classification with Co-Authored Class Descriptions

Arth Bohra and 4 other authors

HoneyBee: Progressive Instruction Finetuning of Large Language Models for Materials Science

Yu Song and 3 other authors

Adversarial Robustness for Large Language NER models using Disentanglement and Word Attributions

Xiaomeng Jin and 4 other authors